“Linux” Today many of us are saying Good Bye to windows and we are starting to use linux base OS ( Operating System ) . Many of Us are very well known that “Linux is a Hacker’s Favourite OS ” is the best-known and most-used  open source  Linux Based operating system.  Read More 

Linux shellLinux Shell Scripting

Shell” is a user program or it’s environment provided for user interaction.  Read More


BootLinux Boot Process- How it executes

 Linux Boot Process”  The boot process for Linux goes through several stages. Different systems follows different stage here in Linux  have 6 stages of Boot. Reed more


Linux-commanLinux Basic Commands and Examples A instruction  for a computer or device to perform a specific task know as ‘Command’. Read more


originalCommand Line Tools to Monitoring & Managing Linux Performance/Process

 A process is a running instance of a launched, executable program. So being a System Engineer it is not easy to monitor Linux server/system performances and keep them up and running, here in this post i will cover mostly used command line to monitoring that might be useful for those who are taking care of Linux servers/systems as Linux Administrator. Read More