Backup Of MySQL Database To Amazon S3 Using BASH Script Is Not Rocket Science! Learn Them Now!

s3backupBackup of MySQL Database to Amazon S3 using BASH Script

This is a easy way to backup your Mysql Database  to Amazon S3 for a regular interval backup – this is all to be done on your server.

First need to have the checklist  i.e must important for the any task you want to do in a proper way.

  • S3cmd  command line configure on server
  • A bucket over S3 to store dump file
  • Make Bash Script  i.e Contains MySQL Credential ( Hostname, Username, DB Name ), Location on your server where you want to store dump (PATH), Log Path.
  • Give chmod  +x on mysqlbackup Script (
  • Test it and check S3 bucket
  • Schedule with cron as per your requirement

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Linux Shell Scripting


Shell is a command language interpreter that executes commands read from the standard input device (keyboard) or from a file. Shell is not part of system kernel, but uses the system kernel to execute programs, create files etc.

So we can say “Shell” is a user program or it’s environment provided for user interaction. 

There are many type shell available with Linux  UNIX-Like System

  • BASH ( Bourne-Again SHell )– Developed by “Brian Fox and Chet Ramey “
  • C SH ( C SHell)– Developed by “Bill Joy
  • K SH (Korn SHeel)– Developed By “ David Korn
  • TCSH

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